Records of Rights

Permanent Exhibit
David M. Rubenstein Gallery

Records of Rights: A Permanent Exhibition in the David M. Rubenstein Gallery

In “Records of Rights,” explore how generations of Americans sought to fulfill the promise of the founding documents. The David M. Rubenstein Gallery exhibition showcases original and facsimile National Archives documents and uses an innovative 17-foot-long touch-screen interactive table to illustrate how Americans have debated about and fought for rights like free speech, religion, and equality.

Preview some of the featured documents in the "Records of Rights" Online Exhibit.

Magna Carta

1297 Magna CartaBegin your exploration of "Records of Rights" by viewing an original 1297 Magna Carta, on display courtesy of David M. Rubenstein.

Landmark Document Case

The 1943 Act to Repeal the Chinese Exclusion Acts is on display in the Landmark Document case through September 17. Although this act established a quota allowing Chinese immigrants, only 105 new entry visas per year, it was a step toward removing immigration barriers based on race and nationality.