Featured Document Display: 200th Anniversary of the Monroe Document

Thursday, October 19, 2023 - Wednesday, December 13, 2023
East Rotunda Gallery

200th Anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine

Buried in a routine annual message to Congress, President James Monroe articulated the landmark foreign policy statement known today as the Monroe Doctrine. President Monroe’s 1823 message–a precursor to the State of the Union address–warned that the United States would not tolerate further colonization of the Western Hemisphere by European governments. Though crafted in response to concerns of the time, the doctrine ultimately became a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy in Latin America. 

The text of the Monroe Doctrine is found in just a few paragraphs of President James Monroe’s 34-page annual message to Congress. The excerpts on display in the East Rotunda Gallery convey some of the Monroe Doctrine's three main tenets. It included separate spheres of influence for the Americas and Europe, non-colonization of Latin America by European powers, and non-intervention in European affairs by the United States. 

First page of Monroe Doctrine
Message of President James Monroe at the commencement of the first session of the 18th Congress (The Monroe Doctrine), December 2, 1823
National Archives, Records of the U.S. Senate, first and signature pages (National Archives Identifier 306420)

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Thursday, October 19, 2023 - Wednesday, December 13, 2023